About us

About us

Within University of Oradea the Faculty of Arts is a unique presence that adds value and visibility becoming already in its 18 years of existence a landmark of quality and professionalism in Oradea’s cultural landscape. Our teaching staff is made up of musicians, artists, designers and theoreticians that are professionals in their fields of expertise making our students benefit of a high level education that allow them to get started in their chosen profession under the best auspices.

Through its two departments Faculty of Arts offers undergraduate and master programs of study as follows :




Bachelor level: Musical Pedagogy , Musical Performance – Instruments, Musical Performance – Opera singing

 Master level : Conducting Art Pedagogy , Vocal and Instrumental in Chamber Music Art




Bachelor level: Decorative Arts , Painting, Sculpture , Conservation and Restoration , Design , Fashion – Fashion design

Master level : Painting and Multimedia in Visual Arts, Sculpture and Environment