Mission and objectives

The Mission of the Faculty of Arts is primarily to educate and shape professionals in the field of music and Visual Arts, with application in the directions that we have developed study programmes (musical performance, music education, decorative arts, sculpture, painting, conservation-restoration, design, fashion design, fine and decorative arts pedagogy) but also for new directions that can be accessed using the knowledge base accumulated over the years of study, both at the conceptual level and at the professional level. Secondly, the Faculty attaches particular attention to artistic creation and scientific research (theoretical studies in the field of visual, musicology and teatrologie, research in interdisciplinary arts perspective, social implications of contemporary cultural phenomenon).

The Faculty is also accredited to organize training courses and exams for finalization in education, for the teaching ranks II and I, as well as continuing education courses as part of the complete “Varadinum” program of The Teacher Training Department.