Research topics of the Visual Arts Department:

Kinetics and instalationism in modern and contemporary sculpture . Studies on historical landmarks determining the sculptural static image with kinetics and instalationist sculpture in contemporary art.

Image and imaginary . Visual field , visual space , composition , design , directing, still image , moving image , painting , film , video art in contemporary art.

Design. Practicing visual metaphor in the context of reinventing aesthetic forms in utilitarian product , development of product design .

New media Challenges and painting and sculpture experiment – (Pop art ) mass culture. Postmodern minimalism, art- painting, sculpture and spatial elegance .

Models of spatialization : Alberti space , polifocal space, continuous space,  deconstructed space , cyberspace in contemporary art.

Sculptural ambient , pictorial ambient , fabric ambient. Connections , interferences,  osmosis . Artistic visions of intermedia type .

New technologies and materials in the product design , textile design and fashion design .

Plastic space from object to environment . Patterns and other form of class invariants . Modular area in design and decorative arts .

Technical ways of structuring visual messages through painting, sculpture , decorative arts and design.

Research topics of the Music Department:

 Research of Bihar ethnographic area and historiographical research of artistic life of the area. Recovery of traditional music heritage through programs of collectionin the Bihor area and educate young generations in the cultural space of the village . The collection of songs, crafts and demonstrations spectacular research , transcription , systematization and publication of data , involving teams of students and teachers from the Department of Music , Faculty of Letters , Department of Visual Arts , Theatre , Sociology . Implementation of a regular schedule of studying and learning the repertoire collected by youth in the community in an organized way. Making specific performances for the community during the holidays .

Musical Fortress of Oradea. Restitution to the national cultural heritage of old Romanian musical works. Research and exploitation of unknown manuscripts of Transylvanian ancestors composers held in heritage by museums and libraries in Bihor ( XIX , XX ) . Reconstitution of manuscripts ( Francis  Hubic , George Hubic , Romulus Botto , Michael Bruckenthal and other predecessors composers) and realisation of a database for informational purposes both in electronic and printed form document .

Restitution to the national cultural heritage works capella music forerunners representatives Oradea: Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf , Michael Haydn, Johann Pichl , etc. . Interpretation of these opposites composed during establishment in the city. Roundtables, symposia , presentations, achievements concerts, recitals , CDs and DVDs. Putting all free market of research material .

Research and recovery of music repertoire for education of pre- school an school children. Carrying out research involving teams of students and teachers of all materials currently used in kindergartens and schools and their selection criteria of efficiency and age peculiarities . Achieving an appropriate repertoire and recording with groups of children. Making a musical guide containing sheet music and a CD with educational material . Implementation of the training methods open to teaching high school students and educators. National marketing research results.

Old music – new music and its interpretation. Promoting young artists – composers, performers , conductors , actors, directors, playwrights , critics, art by organizing cultural events , concerts and shows.

Music therapy. Studies , roundtables, scientific sessions , workshops.

Journalism , criticism and musicology in periodicals containing scientific studies to date information on Romanian and foreign cultural life . Monitorisation of local and national artistic life and publishing of reviews and studies.

Syncretism of arts. Conducting research teams (students , master teachers) and organizing performances multi and intermedia .

National and universal in modern and contemporary Romanian music . Romanian music research , exploitation of research by interpreting works of various genres (choral , instrumental , vocal -symphonic , opera) .

Celebrated composers . Research and publication of scientific studies on the creations of composers celebrated yearly from the biographical , historical, stylistic , aesthetic , analytical, hermeneutical , interpretative aspects perspective (realization of concerts , opera , vocal – symphonic or chamber music)

Quo vadis musica . Current music research from the aspects of contemporary analysis perspective.